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integrated people risk management

Our purpose is to deliver your strategy through your people.

Robyn Perkins

Robyn Perkins Consultants are the leaders in People Risk. Our handpicked team is made up of industry leaders, with a breadth of experience that ensures innovative solutions to reduce the costs of people risk.

We thrive on improving employee engagement through health, safety and wellness programs.  We reduce workplace risks through cutting edge wearable technology and workplace injury prevention programs.  Our overall results reduce the costs of people risk for organisations and produce real and significant bottom line savings.

Through design and implementation of insurance solutions and proper management of your organisation’s people, together we can reduce the risk related costs to your company and an create overall uplift in productivity.

Our strategic approach ensures high quality, reliable advice on People Risk issues, including workers’ compensation, safety and insured employee benefits (Life, Salary Continuance, Accident and Health and Private Health insurance).

Suited to all industries, our consulting services advise organisations on their business strategies for managing people.

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