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Suited to the finance, insurance, transport and logistics, retail, aviation, mining or health care industries, our consultation service for advising organisations on their business strategies for managing people and the related risk is both extensive and comprehensive.

Review & Design of People Related Insurance Programs

Client Outcomes:

  • certainty of cover for all employee benefit insurances
  • best pricing and servicing options from insurers
  • best value insured employee benefits program
  • improved value from the services from brokers and insurers

Management of Providers

Client Outcomes:

  • improved transparency in the services and outcomes achieved by providers
  • removal of duplication of internal and external resources
  • design and implementation of tenders and contracts
  • development and monitoring of key performance metrics

Review of Risk Financing Decisions

Client Outcomes:

  • informed decision making on the financing of people related insurance decisions
  • optimal financial outcomes
  • advice and implementation of self insurance options

Financial and Risk Management Reporting

Client Outcomes:

  • improved financial transparency and timing of information to allow corrective actions to be taken to deliver optimal performance outcomes
  • cascade reporting from the board to operations
  • timely identification of new and emerging risks
  • linkages in reporting from finance to HR to safety, workers compensation and employee benefits programs

Review of Internal Systems and Processes

Client Outcomes:

  • identification of operational effectiveness and improvements
  • improvements in early reporting and management of injury and illness
  • improved insurer and employee relationships
  • identification of gaps and duplications
  • improved compliance

Safety Reviews

Client Outcomes:

  • improvements in safety performance
  • improved board, management and operational reporting
  • identification of gaps in policy, process and procedures
  • improved compliance

Mental Health First Aid Training

Client Outcomes:

  • improved awareness of mental health issues and their early identification
  • improved actions in managing stress and related phsycosocial issues, including avenues for referral
  •  early intervention to manage mental health in the workplace

Injury Risk and Absence Management Programs

Client Outcomes:

  • reduction in the cost of injury and absence
  • quantification of injury and absence in your business
  • accurate management and identification of risks through using the latest innovation, including wearable technology and biometric analysis
  • creation of sustainable changes in the behaviour of workers

Self Insurance Assessment and Transition Services

Client Outcomes:

  • informed decision making on self insurance
  • improved selection on possible providers for services
  • improved transparency in total outcomes of the program
  • improved compliance

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